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World's first, Japan-originated technology to contribute to food and energy security and save the planet

Our mission is to develop technologies that maximize the use of the "blessings of the sun - Solar Energy -," the most environmentally friendly resource given equally to all of us.
QD Japan will continue to take on the challenge of achieving a stable supply of food and energy for everyone on the planet, without placing a burden on the environment.

the 3 Sacred Treasures for
Effective Use of Solar Energy

QD Japan owns three sacred treasures that make full use of solar energy.
By using these three sacred treasures, it is possible to supply electricity with 100% natural energy without relying on fossil fuels.


Providing innovative solutions such as QD-CROAS by combining our three technologies

1. Various performance exceeding silicon semiconductor
2. Cost reduction due to roll-to-roll technology production
1. doubled solar power generation efficiency
2. lower cost due to reduced construction load and installation work
1. rotor operating load super reduction technology
2. high performance heliostats and robots for industrial and surgical applications


Our group company Torres Bio Laboratory Co., Ltd. is conducting research and demonstration experiments on “smart agriculture” by combining Tokyo Tech’s cutting-edge technology with our own at the Suzukakedai Campus agricultural field.

We will solve food problems in Japan and the world by establishing “smart agriculture” technology.