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features of QD plantation-type tracking photovoltaic generator

QD Planting Electricity® type tracking photovoltaic system in motion

What is the CROAS® photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic System CROAS® Technology with Two-Axis Free Direction Mechanism

Conventional tracking photovoltaic generators have only one axis of movement, but the CROAS® technology allows both axes to operate freely (axis-independent rotation technology), which reduces the distance between generators and allows for higher output power even in small areas.
Due to the dual-axis free-crossing technology, only a small amount of power is required to drive the panel.

CROAS®zero power generation

Onoda Water Purification Plant, Namie Town,
Fukushima Prefecture CRO measurement data

By adjusting the angle and tracking the sun, maximum power generation can be maintained even in the morning and evening.

Durability against Earthquake and Typhoon

  • High wind safety specifications (PV panel automatically flattens out in the event of high winds based on anemometer measurements). High durability against disasters, especially typhoons as storms and strong winds.
  • Up to the height of the support column (1.8-2.5.m) the panel remains flat and not submerged.
  • No snow accumulation if it is set to inclined operation mode.
  • Prevent panel destruction by adopting a vibration-isolating structure for the foundation.
  • The biaxial free crossing technology overlaps the center of gravity of the panel with the center of gravity of the axial crossing, so the overturning moment against a strong earthquake will not be large.Even the tracking type has a safety design that does not topple over in an earthquake.

In Typhoon No. 19 of 2019 (maximum instantaneous wind speed of 43 m), the experimental facility in Yachimachi, Chiba Prefecture, was completely undamaged.

DC self-consumption on narrow lots

Provides plant power on a small vacant lot. Smaller power generation area for large power consumption = lower cost

Since DC from solar power generation can be used as-is to power the plant, conversion losses are minimal and a large CO2 reduction effect can be achieved.
QD Planting Electricity® type tracking photovoltaic power generation equipment has high reliability, which is also used in disaster prevention centers, so you can safely build your own power consumption.