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Hiroshima Project special page

The World’s 1st Bendable, Lightweight, Thinfilm “Pyrite Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell” from Iron and Sulfur.
A special presentation for the press will be held on May 16 at 1:00 p.m., so please register now.

On May 16, the solar panels will be mounted on the walls of the “Hiroshima Full Focus Building” to demonstrate the use of the electricity generated by the panels for the building’s restaurants and other facilities.

QD Japan Co., Ltd. has successfully synthesized a pyrite compound semiconductor, one of the next-generation semiconductors, and by applying this technology successfully developed the world’s first solar cell “CROASx”.
The “CROASx” will be mounted on the walls of the Hiroshima Full Focus Bldg. in front of Hiroshima Station. The demonstration project to utilize the electricity generated by the “CROASx” at an okonomiyaki restaurant in the building will begin on May 16, just in time for the Hiroshima G7 Summit 2023.

Project image

About Full Focus Bldg SDGs Project

A demonstration experiment project is to be set up at an okonomiyaki stall on the Hiroshima Full Focus building, and is to use renewable energy sources to supply electricity for the stall. Electricity generated by “CROASx” mounted on the wall of the building and by the tracking solar system “CROASzero” planted on Fukuyama City farmland will be charged into the high-performance all solid-state storage battery “QD Battery zero. In this way, solar-generated energy can be utilized even at nighttime.

【Project overview】

  • Location: Hiroshima Full Focus Building
  • Equipment: Pyrite thin-film solar cells、All solid-state storage battery
  • Interlocking Facilities:”CROAS zero” in Fukuyama City (consigned by off-site PPA)
  • Period:May 16 – May 25, 2023

【Main Features of the Pyrite Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell “CROASx”】

Joint research at theTIT SSS Research & Education fields

Our group company Torres Bio Laboratory Co., Ltd. is conducting research and demonstration experiments on “smart agriculture” by combining Tokyo Tech’s cutting-edge technology with our own at the Suzukakedai Campus agricultural field.
We will solve food problems in Japan and the world by establishing “smart agriculture” technology.

Please see the website of Torres Bio Laboratory Co., Ltd. from here