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New Rotating Structure (swiveling tech)

New Rotating Structure (swiveling tech)

New structural technology that can be used for robots, etc.

Enables 3D rotation of heavy objects without load.
Two balance points simplify spatial coordinate recognition calculations.

Features of Technology

  • It can act freely on a single point of a target in space.
  • When directing the tip of a rotating structure in the direction of a target in space by applying acceleration with only a small amount of drive energy when rotating, the time required can be significantly reduced compared to conventional methods.
  • Since it is power-saving, it also reduces the burden on the environment.

Schematic diagram showing an example of a rotating structure

Swivel Application Technology / Vermin Control

The ultrasonic waves are precisely emitted to the target in conjunction with the quick movements of the beasts, enabling efficient animal damage control.

Smart agri-system with vibration

Features of Technology

Step1. Detect wild birds and animals by camera-image recognition

Step2. Generate a powerful super-directional sound field near wild animals

Replaces electric fence and wire mesh fences and contributes to the thorough control of wild animals entering agricultural and horticultural areas.