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“buildingl production for building consumption”
Hiroshima Full Focus Building SDGs (Building) Project

Part of the electricity for building tenants is supplied by the world’s first Pyrite wall solar installed on the wall of the building.
In addition, off-site PPA is also supplied from a farmland power plant installed in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Through this demonstration experiment

①Construction of a building production consumption model

for electricity

②Effective utilization of farmland by supplementing the shortfall with off-site PPA from farmland power plants

Build a “sustainable” smart grid by complementing buildings and farmland

Morotai Island Project, Indonesia
Solar power generation system CROAS® to areas without electricity

Joint project with JABABEKA.Preliminary installation of 5 CROAS® units in a no-power-supply zone in a development area in a special economic zone in JABABEKA.

Morotai Island

The island is designated as both a special economic zone and a special tourism zone, and has a population of about 80,000.
There is a lot of undeveloped land, and before the installation of CROAS®, power outages were common because the island was mainly powered by diesel and fuel was dependent on off-island sources.

CROAS construction works

5 CROAS® units were installed on a 2,000㎡ site prepared by JABABEKA in a special economic zone.

CROAS® construction completed

Completion of a complete off-grid power supply system with CROAS®.
Copra factory in JABABEKA industrial park lights up for the first time.