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On May 16, the solar panels will be mounted on the walls of the “Hiroshima Full Focus Building” to demonstrate the use of the electricity generated by the panels for the building’s restaurants and other facilities.

QD Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya, Tokyo; Chairman: Yoshiaki Fujimori; CEO: Tadashi Kawamoto) has successfully synthesized a pyrite compound semiconductor, one of the next-generation semiconductors, and by applying this technology successfully developed the world’s first solar cell “CROASx”.
The “CROASx” will be mounted on the walls of the Hiroshima Full Focus Bldg. in front of Hiroshima Station. The demonstration project to utilize the electricity generated by the “CROASx” at an okonomiyaki restaurant in the building will begin on May 16, just in time for the Hiroshima G7 Summit 2023.

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