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Executive Information

Yoshiaki Fujimori

B.S. in Engineering, The University of Tokyo

1975 Joined Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz Corporation)

2008 General Electric Japan Co.
    Chairman, President and CEO
    GE Japan Corporation (now SMFL Capital Corporation)
    Board chairman

2011 Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO, LIXIL Group Corporation

2012 Outside Director, The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.

2016 Chairman and CEO, LIXIL Corporation
    Outside Director, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. (to present)

2016 Outside Director, Boston Scientific Corporation (to present)

2017 CVC Capital/Partners Japan, Chief Advisor (to present)

2018 Board chairman, Oracle Corporation Japan (to present)

2019 Outside Director, Toshiba Corporation (to present)

2020 Outside Director, Shiseido Co.

2022 Chairman and Representative Director, QD Japan Co, Ltd.
    Co-Founder and Representative Director, CSO, QD Japan Co, Ltd.

Masahiro Takeda

B.A. in Economics, Waseda University

2003 Joined Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

2013 Joined Johnson & Johnson K.K.

2019 Director and General Manager, Corporate Planning Office, DXHR Co. (to present)

2020 Representative Director, Agri Holdings Co. (to present)

2021 Director, Bamboo International Inc.

2022 Executive Director, GENE Clinic, Center for the Advancement of Advanced Cancer Care (to present)

2022 Executive Officer and CFO, Tressbio Laboratory Co., Ltd. (to present)
    Co-Founder and Representative Director, CSO, QD Japan Co, Ltd.

Tadashi Kawamoto

B.A. in Economics, Waseda University

1983 Launched the All-Japan Federation of Student Tennis Associations, one of Japan’s largest student club organizations with 30,000 members nationwide, and became the first president.

1993 Established Tennis Japan Co.
Commercialized support for athletes’ activities and Japan’s first cheering fax machine.

1999 Participated in the establishment of the Daiwa House Industry Group’s agricultural business, Green Farm Development Co.After being involved in rural development through the employment of athletes in agriculture and the development of agricultural systems for the new era, became an independent agricultural consultant.As a pioneer in the field of plant factories, has contributed to the entry of major companies into the agricultural industry.

2016 Establishment of Bioapertite, Inc.

2018 Establishment of Tressbio Laboratory Co., Ltd.

2022 Founded QD Japan Inc. as President and CEO

Yutaka Tamaura
Technical Advisor, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology

B.S. in Science and Engineering, Waseda University

1975 Completed the doctoral program at TIT graduate school

1976-1987 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology, engaged in “Research on chemical energy systems for CO2 reduction” and discovered a new material “cation-rich magnetite” that decomposes and fixes CO2 down to carbon (Nature, Vol. 346, No. 6281 (1990)).

1992-2021 Engaged in “Research on chemical energy conversion of solar energy” as a professor at the Carbon Cycle Energy Research Center, TIT.Participated in the development as a leader of a global project to develop technologies to prevent global warming.These international projects have made him Japan’s leading expert on solar tracking and focusing systems.

CO2 removal technology from thermal power plant exhaust gas (TIT, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kyushu Electric Power), solar hybrid fuel production technology (TIT, Australia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland), 100kW Tokyo Tech beam-down concentrating solar thermal technology (TIT, Abu Dhabi government, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Cosmo Oil, Konica Minolta)

50kW Cross Linear Concentrator System (Tokyo Tech, SolarFlame, Bhopal Institute of Technology, Toyo Engineering Corporation, Ricoh), NEDO (Autonomous Self-Sustaining Gyro Tracking Development, Cross Linear Concentrator System Demonstration Test, New Technology Tracking Solar Power Demonstration Test), Ministry of Environment Construction of Tracking Solar Power Commercial Brant at Namie Town Water Intake Plant.

2022 QD Japan Co, LTD. CTO
develops a new solar energy utilization system “CROAS®” based on quantum dot manufacturing technology.

Koichi Tamura

B.A. in Business Administration, Hofstra University

He worked in M&A advisory and consulting at Price Waterhouse and private equity investments in Japan and the U.S. at Carlyle, CDP Capital, etc.

He was a Senior Partner at Deloitte where he oversaw investment banking, M&A, and client services for several global companies, as well as Deloitte’s University Leadership Development Program.

He is a Senior Advisor to EY and Head of EY Investment Banking Asia Pacific(to present).

He is currently an advisor and board member of several other companies in Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

At QD Japan Co, Ltd., he manages business alliances and international business development.